Legal Seminar

Dr. Ching-Yuan Yeh, our founding partner, was invited to the Supreme Court to participate in the annual seminar, “Freedom and Responsibility of Speech.” of the Judges Association of Republic of China. Dr.Yeh served as a panelist and commented on the article. The difficulty of Free Speech on ”Virtual Child Pornography” by Hui-Chieh Su, Assistant Researcher, Academia Sinica.Co-panelists also included Ching-Chun Lin, Justice of the Supreme Court, and Chung-Yeh Chen, Prosecutor of Taipei District Prosecutors Office.

Dr. Ching-Yuan Yeh, our founding partner, is one of the first scholars to study Internet legal issues in Taiwan. His master thesis focused on the Cyberporn Control and was named “Thesis of the year” by the ROC Constitutional Law Society. Dr. Yeh’s doctoral dissertation also focused on freedom of speech on the Internet; he published articles regarding the Internet Pornography as well. After Dr. Yeh returned from abroad; he worked at Taipei City Government, and advised the Taipei City Government in several internet pornography cases, i.e., to fine NextMedia for it “Action news” which violated the classification requirement under The Protection of Children and Youths Welfare and Rights Act.