Titan Attorneys-at-Law (泰鼎法律事務所) was established by Dr. Ching-Yuan Yeh and Cheng-Yuan Yu, Esq. in May 2014. Shortly after the establishment of Titan, Mr. Ming-Bang Chen, former Director General of Taiwan Intellectual Property Office and Executive Secretary of Investment Commission, Ministry of Economic Affairs, joined Titan as our Senior Special Counsel to lead our IP and investment service.

Titan, while refers to Greek personification of the Sun in English, resembles our name, 泰鼎, in Chinese. "泰" refers to Mt. Tai, where the Sun rises in China. Mt. Tai, the foremost mountain of the “Five Great Mountains” of China, is a sacred mountain where emperors of China used to pay tribute to heaven and earth. "鼎", the sacrificial tripod, symbols the eternity of a state. We, inspired by Mt. Tai and the sacrificial tripod, vow to provide quality and solid legal services to our clients.

Our team includes legal professionals that have experiences in business, dispute resolution, public relations and political strategy. Legal risk management is essential in today’s investment and business environment. We, based on our rich legal practice experience, pledge to provide full-scale, professional and efficient services on legal risk analysis and management.