Meng-Chen Du Attorney/Special Counsel

Attorney Du graduated from National Taiwan University, she is a lawyer, arbitrator, and patent attorney. She has more than 20 years of experience of law. Attorney Du has served as the deputy chairman of the Finance and Economic Law Committee of the Taiwan Federation of Bar Associations and was a member of the Financial and Insurance Arbitration Committee of the Arbitration Association. Based on the characteristics of being undaunted to accept challenges and innovation, in addition to being familiar with citizens and criminal litigation. Attorney Du has in-depth involvement in other professional fields include: business events, contract dispute mediation and arbitration, blockchain startup counseling, legal consulting, and financial or high-profile criminal processing.

Attorney Du specializes in government procurement, engineering disputes, Act for Promotion of Private Participation (BOT, etc.), corporate cases, mergers and acquisitions, arbitration events, civil litigation, and financial technology. In particular, Act for Promotion of Private Participation enforcement and engineering dispute resolution cases, such as the appeal BOT case of the New Taipei City Tucheng Hospita, the dispute case of the Taipei Metropolitan Rapid Transit System, the arbitration case of the Taipei Metropolitan Mass Rapid Transit System in the Zhongshan Station Base, the BOT case in the Southern District of the National Palace Museum, public construction appeals and contract disputes (including mediation, arbitration or litigation). Types of procurement include planning, design and supervision, PCM, construction engineering, civil engineering, MRT system, etc. Disputes cover various types, including design changes, omissions, price index adjustments, earthwork disputes, changes in circumstances, extension of construction period, and liquidated damages. Attorney Du also served as an arbitrator for a new construction dispute in a Taipei urban renewal case.