Hsiao-Fen Huang Senior Associate

Ms. Huang earned an LL.M. degree from University of Michigan Law School and an LL.M. from National Taipei University. She specializes in contract review/negotiation, Company law, Labor law, Merger and Acquisition, Fair Trade Act, and Financial law including but not limited to Banking, Insurance and Securities law. She worked at Debevoise & Plimpton LLP and Allegaert Berger & Vogel LLP in the USA. She handled and participated in M&A deals of banks or insurance companies such as American International Group (AIG), and reviewed massive amounts of documents and ensured legal compliance. During her time serving in the insurance company, she handled the structure of transactions as well as reviewing and negotiating a variety of contracts, especially investment types of contracts to ensure compliance with laws and regulations. She also advised on a wide range of compliance issues, general corporate matters and dispute resolutions.