Titan Attorneys-at-Law (泰鼎法律事務所) was established by Dr. Ching-Yuan Yeh and Cheng-Yuan Yu, Esq. in May 2014. Shortly after the establishment of Titan, Mr. Ming-Bang Chen, former Director General of Taiwan Intellectual Property Office and Executive Secretary of Investment Commission, Ministry of Economic Affairs, joined Titan as our Senior Special Counsel. In three years, our firm has grown to nearly 20 people, emerging as a boutique business firm.

Dr. Ching-Yuan Yeh, the founder and managing partner of Titan, earned an S.J.D., a J.D. and an LL.M. from University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Yeh is admitted to both Taipei and New York Bar. Dr. Yeh also served as arbitrator in several arbitration institutions, including China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission and Chinese Arbitration Association, Taipei. He was Chairman of Law and Regulation Commission, Taipei City Government. He was also appointed Advisor and Executive Secretary of International Affairs Advisory Council, Taipei City Government. He was junior partner at Lee and Li Attorneys-at-Law, and associate at Sullivan & Cromwell LLP in United State of America. He specializes in cross-border investment, dispute resolution, including litigation and arbitration, government procurement, consumer protection, administrative law, and constitutional law. Dr. Yeh served concurrently as deputy secretary-general at The ROC Constitutional Law Society. He is a well-known constitution law and human rights lawyer in Taiwan. He has represented “Jehovah's Witnesses” to petition the President for amnesty. He not only helped them regain their freedom, but also helped with establishing the Substitute Military Service. Dr. Yeh has participated in J.Y. Interpretation 499 application, and helped with defining the boundaries of our constitutional rights.

Cheng-Yuan Yu, Esq., the founding partner of Titan, was junior partner of serveral large business law firms, including Formosa Transnational Attorneys-at-Law and Puhua & Associates. He earned an LL.M. from National ChengChi University. Mr. Yu also served as advisor in Complaint Review Board for Government Procurement, Taipei City Government and Department of Legal Affairs, Taipei City Government. He specializes in Securities and Exchange Act, commercial litigation, company shareholders’ disputes, white collar crime, civil litigation and engineering disputes.

Mr. Chen is a decorated former civil servant of Ministry of Economic Affairs who was appointed as executive secretary of the Investment Commission, Head of the Department of Commerce, and Director-General of the Central Standard Bureau. After he retired from MOEA, he became the president of Corporate Synergy Development Center (CSD), and then the founder & chairman of IP Asset Management Association, R.O.C. He currently serves as honorary chairman of IP Asset Management Association, R.O.C., and continues to the development of intangible assets appraisal, internalization of the intellectual property legal system and cross-strait exchange activities.(Retired in 2016)

In addition to those three senior core members, our professional team includes senior lawyers and senior legal manager of multinational corporation. (Please refer to “Professionals”). Our team specializes in traditional litigation, arbitration, dispute resolution of government procurement, intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, labor disputes, drafting and amending legislation, media strategy and policy analysis. We strive to build an international, comprehensive one-stop legal services (Please refer to “service”).

“泰” refers to Mt. Tai, the most sacred mountain of the “Five Great Mountains” of China. “鼎” symbols the eternity of a state. We, inspired by Mt. Tai and the sacrificial tripod, vow to provide quality and solid legal services to our clients.