Titan supports clients with complete litigation services in Taiwan. We have professions experienced in dealing with all sorts of litigation services for more than 20 years. Our services include assisting clients with commercial and intellectual property disputes, pre-judgment attachments, and overseas litigation support.

Commercial and Intellectual Property Dispute Litigation

Provide analysis to achieve the most beneficial and efficient solution to meet clients’ business goals, including settlement negotiations.

Overseas Litigation Support

Assist in providing strategies on enforceability of foreign judgments and representing foreign clients at court hearings. International litigation proceedings need to be planned and structured upfront to manage procedural and substantive issues in order to coordinate professionals in different jurisdictions and eventually achieve the desired results.

Prejudgment Attachment

Provide strategies to recover assets, and damages, using pre-judgment attachment orders, to prevent the transfer or disposal of assets or evidence prior to final resolution of the dispute. Prior to applying for pre-judgement attachment, conduct credit search for debt collection.