Ya-Ling Cheng Of Counsel/Senior Associate

Ms. Cheng graduated from National Chung Cheng University Law School. She has more than 10 years of experience in litigation and commercial transactions. The experiences on business-related dispute which Ms. Cheng possesses are the legal affairs on multiple fields such as purchase, consignment, distribution, franchise, strategic alliance, marketing, E-commerce, traditional sales, equipment warranty & maintenance, product transportation, construction, urban renewal project, significant investment, administrative contract, and etc. Ms. Cheng has full experiences dealing with those fields of affairs based on her long-term services as In-house legal professional. In addition, Ms. Cheng has experience on developing the standard operation procedure on legal affairs, the regulations of legal risk management, and legal compliance manual during her service as legal professional in life Insurance company. She also has full experiences on review life insurance products and advertisement as well. Furthermore, Ms. Cheng also has full experiences on multiple fields of litigation such as Civil, Criminal, Commercial, and Labor. She is also familiar with legal affairs related to intelligence property such as trademark management and the domain name application, registration, and extension.