Victory: Trademark, Copyright and Antitrust Dispute

Our client, a real estate price comparison platform (website and APP), was accused of trademark and copyright infringement, in addition to unfair competition, by Taiwan’s 10 leading real estate brokers, e.g., Yungching, Sinyi… The Taipei Prosecutor’s Office rejected their claims and made the non-indictment decision. The Prosecutor indicated that: 1)our client neither used plaintiffs’ trademark in service, nor he caused customers to misunderstand; and 2) the slogan plaintiff claimed shall not be the subject matter of copyright; the Prosecutor thus concluded the investigation and did not file any charges against our client.

This case was handled by our founding partners, Dr. Ching-Yuan Yeh and Cheng-Yuan Yu, Esq.; our senior associate Ms. Ya-Ling Cheng also assisted on this case. Dr. Ching-Yuan Yeh served at Lee and Li Attorneys-at-Law and Sullivan & Cromwell LLP, with an experience in U.S. and Taiwan for around 20 years. Prior to founding Titan Law, Mr. Cheng-Yuan Yu worked at several leading law firms in Taiwan, such as Formosa Transnational Attorneys-at-Law and PricewaterhouseCoopers Legal Taiwan. He is a senior litigator with 20 years of experience. Ms. Cheng worked as a legal manager in financial industry and traditional industries. She has more than 10 years of experience in lawsuit and legal affairs.