Victory: Non-indictment of Incitement of Violence

Our client, one of the leaders of the anti-pension reform alliance, was accused of incitement of violence for disorders occurred in a public demonstration hosted by the alliance; the Taipei Prosecutor’s Office made the non-indictment decision.

The Prosecutor, in the non-indictment decision, held that our client neither advocated people to push and shove the Legislators, nor did he carry out any of the said actions. He thus concluded the investigation and did not file any charges against our client.

Our founding partner Dr. Ching-Yuan Yeh and senior associate Mr. Yi-Tsang Lin took this criminal defense on the pro bono basis. Dr. Yeh is an expert of free speech; he has 20 years of experience of legal practice. Mr. Lin earned an LL.M. from Kaohsiung University Law School and has extensive experience in criminal defense.